The reloadable prepaid credit card that does more!

Let's face it. Most prepaid credit cards suck.

High fees. Difficult to load. Rigid rules.

At American River Gold, we believe money should flow like water.
So we built a Visa card with flexibility to fit YOUR unique needs.

The reloadable prepaid Visa card for YOUR needs!

With your American River Gold card, you can:

Load your card quickly and easily with:

  • Cash.
  • Square/Venmo.
  • Bank transfer (ACH or wire).
  • Check.
  • Money order.
  • Crypto.

Get a new card or check your balance via:

  • Our website. (You're already here!)
  • Phone.
  • In-person.
  • Our advanced user-friendly API.

Discover customized solutions for:

  • Mexican Grocery Stores.
  • Check cashing stores.
  • Cryptocurrency wallets.
  • Alternative Medicinal Shops.
  • The unbanked.

You'll be amazed at the flexibility of our cards because we customize our cards for YOUR needs!

Questions? Contact us! We're here for YOU!

bryan at

(916) 397-8238